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    Name  Type of governor   Term of office  Position of responsibility  Named governor 
    David Allen  Community  1.4.17 – 31.3.21  Chair  CiC & SEND, Anti-bullying, Safeguarding 
    Karen Hudson      Head of Provision   
    Sarah Gilraine  Community   14.11.17 – 13.11.21     
    Chris Greenhough  Community   16.1.18 – 15.1.22     
    Geoff Davis  Community   2.12.14 – 1.12.18     
    vacancy  Community    Vice Chair   
    vacancy  Community       
    Louis Hughes  Local Authority    1.4.17 – 31.3.21     
    vacancy   Parent        
    Emma Davis   Staff   15.3.16 – 14.3.20     
    Tom England  Associate governor    Senior Head of Centre  – non-voting   
    Matt Morris  Associate governor    Senior Head of Centre  – non-voting   
    Dan O’Donovan  Associate governor    Senior Head of Centre  – non-voting   
    Allison Pilling  Clerk to committee       


    *Note the Vice-Chair is to be elected at the next Management Committee meeting on January 16th 2018. 


    All committees will consist of the full Management Committee. 


    We currently have a vacancy for a parent governor and 2 community governors. 

    If as a parent, you would like more information about becoming a governor, please speak to your child’s Head of Centre. 

    If you would like more information about becoming a community governor, please contact the Head of Provision. 



    Management Committee meeting schedule and venue 2017- 2018 

    September 26th 2017North East Derbyshire Support Centre 

    November 14th 2017North East Derbyshire Support Centre 

    January 16th 2018 Amber Valley & Erewash Support Centre 

    March 13th 2018 Amber Valley & Erewash Support Centre 

    May 1st 2018South Derbyshire Support Centre 

    July 3rd 2018South Derbyshire Support Centre 



    Management Committee Register of Pecuniary and Personal Interests 

    Name   Category  Details of pecuniary and personal interest  
    David Allen  Community  None 
    Karen Hudson  Head of Provision  None 
    Sarah Gilraine  Community   None 
    Chris Greenhough  Community   None 
    Geoff Davis  Community   Daughter in law employed within the Support Centres 
    vacancy  Community  None 
    vacancy  Community  None 
    Louis Hughes  Local Authority    None 
    vacancy   Parent   None 
    Emma Davis   Staff   Director of Fortis Brickworks Ltd 
    Tom England  Associate governor  None 
    Matt Morris  Associate governor  None 
    Dan O’Donovan  Associate governor  None 
    Allison Pilling  Clerk to committee  None 



    Management Committee attendance 2016 – 2017 

    Name   Category  Meeting attendance   Note 
    David Allen  Community  4/6   
    Moira Bannister  Community  5/6   
    Julie Brandt  Community  4/4  Resigned April 2017 
    Mandy Brown  Community  3/5  Resigned May 2017 
    Emma Davis  Staff  6/6   
    Geoff Davis  Community   4/6   
    Tom England  Associate governor  6/6   
    Val Fisher  Associate governor  4/4  Retired April 2017 
    Karen Hudson  Head of Provision  6/6   
    Louis Hughes  Local Authority    2/6   
    Matt Morris  Associate governor  1/1  Appointed June 2017 
    Dan O’Donovan  Associate governor  6/6   
    Sandra Yeu  Community  2/6