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  • Amber Valley & Erewash Vision & Aims

    Our pupils will be positive about themselves & their future


    Our pupils will:

    • Achieve and understand their potential, striving to achieve their targets and goals.
    • Have the confidence and high self-esteem to embrace new ideas and challenges, and become problem solvers.
    • Feel that they make a valuable contribution and are trusted.
    • Benefit from a secure and happy, positive learning environment.
    • Take ownership of their own behaviour and make good choices.
    • Feel safe, valued and trusted and supported in their education.
    • Be self-motivated learners, aiming high and setting high standards for themselves across the curriculum.
    • Experience success discovering and developing new talents.
    • Feel a mutual respect between pupils and staff.
    • Be healthy and enjoy the benefits.

    Mission Statement

    Pupils will succeed through:

    • An ethos of support, challenge and encouragement.
    • A safe, stimulating learning environment with good quality resources.
    • Modelling staff examples enabling them to understand their roles, responsibilities and boundaries in society.
    • Collaborative relationships between the Centre, Integration Pathways Team and other Key professionals.
    • A supportive positive relationship with parents and carers and the community.
    • Receiving dynamic teaching incorporating investigative and problem solving approaches.
    • Programmes of enriching visits and extracurricular activities.